About Us

Bluegrass Energy


The Bluegrass Energy Consortium (BGEC) is a joint initiative to provide members with renewable electric power solutions at no out-of-pocket cost to school districts.

We are a not-for-profit energy consortium created and managed by Econergy.

Transparency & Alignment

The number one priority of the organization is to advocate for Kentucky school districts. We ensure school districts go to the front of the line to receive the lowest gas supply rates in the industry and get the latest benefits of government green energy incentive programs when available.

We are not energy brokers or performance contractors. We are your partners who will help find savings on your current energy costs and transition your district to the renewable energy solution that secures the maximum possible savings. 

Why Now?

Given the challenges of the recent global pandemic, coupled with the fact that roughly 75% of a school district’s budget is dedicated to personnel, it’s imperative for superintendents to find savings within the other 25%.

In addition, state and federal officials are taking action to ensure environmentally responsible energy solutions are implemented.

New grant and incentive programs are being created and will soon be passed into law on both the state and federal levels across the U.S.

How Does it Work?

When a member joins BGEC and switches their gas service over, they immediately begin to receive savings (estimated from 5%-15%). We guarantee to find the lowest rates that are currently available.

BGEC will then begin the process of evaluating your district’s assets and formulating a plan to utilize onsite renewable energy creation. School districts will gain the maximum level of savings possible when we build your on-site renewable energy system.

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